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Creating Your Life And The New World


Ascension presents us the unprecedented opportunity for change, and we’ve been discussing how we can create the New World based on the following five energy flows:

The purpose of life

While each post has some suggestions to help you better align with each of the energy flow, which will improve your personal life, the scope of the series is beyond the conventional personal development. Some of you may have thought, “Well, this all sounds nice, I wish there will be a day when this New World manifests, but I’m just an ordinary person and there is nothing I can do to help this dream come true.”

I respectfully disagree. We are born with the power to create. Creation is the purpose of life: we incarnated in this physical world to have fun creating our lives, to experience our own creation and learn through the experiences, then we create even better things, so we experience the love and abundance in a tangible way. Life is about creation.

Each of us has this power to create, and together we create the world. When you bring a positive change to your life, you are changing the world. The point is to create consciously.

The process of creation

Creation starts in the invisible energy field, the spiritual world, and manifests in the physical world. And in tern, by creating in the physical world, we transcend to the spiritual world. The physical and the spiritual are not opposed to each other. They are the two sides, or levels, of the one Universe.

This is the essence of the Law of Attraction. We create as we think, feel, and believe. The Law of Attraction is there so we can learn from our own creation. (If things happen randomly, we can’t learn, right?) Whether you are aware of your creative power or not, you are creating anyway.

What I’ve strived to achieve in this series is to present the big picture of the New World, the vision of our destination of our current creative journey. I don’t know the exact each step to get to this destination — that probably depends on each of your case, and I also think someone who is more detail-oriented and technical in thinking can do a better job in determining the steps than I can. But what are we to do when we know how to walk but don’t know the direction to our destination? My job is to present this sense of direction.

It’s you, however, who creates your life, and thus contribute to the New World from your end. I hope I have inspired you to the point you embrace your creative power.

The New World in a nutshell

The New World is based on individuals as empowered and awakened free agent. Each of us will live as the person we truly are — in other words, we all “come out” for the authentic and unique person we are. No need to bend our truth to conform to the social norms because there will be no social norms. Our inner sense of honesty and integrity will develop to the point that social rules will be unnecessary.

The New World is filled with love. Again it’s the kind of love that celebrates the unique quality each of us present, not the love based on manipulation.

So the New World celebrates diversity. I don’t just mean the diversity of races, ethnicities, and such. I mean diversity in ways of life and ideas. For instance, all forms of love, whether it is heterosexual or homosexual, monogamy or polyamory, across the races and ethnicities . . . they are all good.

The New World is both simple and abundant. We will live simply because we know we are spiritual beings enjoying the stay in this physical world, so we don’t need to decorate ourselves excessively. It is also abundant in the same way Nature is abundant, because we fully utilize our creative power.

There will be many fundamental changes in the way we live in the New World. Breakthroughs will change the way we sustain our physical bodies, and there will be few, or no, health issues. Some (or many) of us will be living as lightbodies.

The concept of work and money will change, too. Most of us will be working for ourselves, doing what we love and are good at. Work is a way of self-expression, a way of creation. Eventually, work will be purely about self-expression, not a way to earn money, so we will just give and receive the products and services, not trading them for money. The New World will be that abundant, to the point we don’t need to keep track of numbers.

The One Energy

On the deeper level, the five energies are one. Love and Light are the same — Love is Light, and Light is Love. When Eckhart Tolle wrote in the introduction of The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment that the morning sunlight through the drapery, after his night of revelation, was pure love, he literally means it.

And when there is nothing but loving light, there is nothing that is not Truth. This light of love is also power, and is abundance. It’s all . . . life energy.

But then, on the practical level, it helps us to check our alignment with each energy flow of Love, Light, Truth, Abundance, and Power.

We as God the Creator

As I wrote in the part on Light, we, each one of us, are ultimately God. We have the same creative power God has.

It is only an illusion that we need to compete, control, manipulate, etc to get good things in life. When we use the energy negative like this, we create imbalance, and sooner or later, we will have to pay. Creating with love is a lot easier and fulfilling.

Thank you for reading this post and the Creating The New World series. Now it’s your turn. What do you think about my vision of the New World? Do you want to add or change something? Do you have any questions about the energy flows of Love, Light, Truth, Abundance, and Power?


Religion and spirituality


For some people the terms religion and spirituality are interchangeable; they both mean the same thing. For others, the term spirituality means their distrust of religion. For thousands of years, people have understood the meaning of the term “spiritual” within the boundaries of religion: place, temple, church, mosque, synagogue, gurudwara, monastery, ashram, and so on. So also, the term spiritual was understood as relating to religious creeds, dogma, rites, rituals, celebrations, worship and prayer. Although for many, these are still the means of experiencing spirituality, for others, the term spirituality is not defined within the boundaries of place, creed, dogma, rites, and rituals in the current flow of history.

THE CHANGING LANDSCAPE OF RELIGION: In the month of February, 2008, The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life released its findings on the state of religion in the United States of America. Based on interviews of 35,000 adults, the Report concluded, “The US religious marketplace is extremely volatile with nearly half of Americans leaving the tradition of their upbringing to either switch allegiances or abandon affiliation altogether.”

According to the report this has reduced the Protestant population from predominantly 71 percent few years ago to now just about 51 percent.

While Americans are switching faiths and dropping out of the faith tradition of their upbringing, the state of religion worldwide is giving a different picture. David Barrett, editor of The World Christian Encyclopedia, revealed in 2002 that he and his colleagues were able to identify 9,902 distinct and separate religions in the world. According to Barrett, each day two or three new religions are born.

HUNGER FOR SPIRITUALITY: In the midst of such cultural changes many people are longing for spirituality. The hunger for spirituality in the land of plenty is clearly noticeable. “The most striking feature of contemporary culture is the unslaked craving for transcendence,” writes, Andrew Delbanco, in The Real American Dream: A Meditation of Hope (1999).

According to a survey taken in 2001, one in five Americans sees himself/herself as “spiritual” but not “religious.” If you went into Dating Services looking for profiles, it is not uncommon to find men and women that characterize themselves as “spiritual” and not “religious.” This number is growing, about 20 million people, according to one estimate. That is more than the United Methodists, Presbyterians, and Episcopalians put together.

WHAT IS SPIRITUALITY?: “Spirituality is one of those realities that you have only so long as you seek it; as soon as you think you have it, you have lost it,” says D.S. Martsolf. On a beautiful day during the month of June, 2008, I was enjoying my shopping experience in a mall in New Jersey. I met a beautiful young female college student in a store that helped me understand spirituality better than my seminary professors did when I was in the seminary.
She said, the first quality of a spiritual person is selflessness, seeing life beyond oneself. Spirituality is the feeling of transcendence, increased awareness of a connection with self, others, God, Spirit and nature.

That is the reason spirituality means different things to different people. Perhaps there are as many expressions of spirituality as there are human beings living on Planet Earth. Spirituality is intensely personal. Each person has his and her own version of spirituality based on cultural upbringing and life experiences, religious orientation, and self reflection: continuous learning and dedicated practice. For some it is active, and for others it is passive and contemplative.

WHY FOCUS ON BRAIN?: On July 17, 1990, US President George H. W. Bush and the Congress jointly declared the 1990s to be the “Decade of the Brain.” Notice President Bush and the Congress did not proclaim the 1990s to be the”Decade of the Mind.” Philosophers, theologians, scientists, psychologists and psychoanalysts have been studying the mind for thousands of years. Up until the 1990s many experts studying the mind considered brain to be the “black box.”All that is changing now. Experts are able to use the new technology like (MR) magnetic resonance, (PET) positron emission tomography, (fMRI) functional magnetic resonance imaging, etc., to look into the live brain.
Now scientists know that culture changes the brain as much as brain and genetics produce culture. There is a symbiotic relationship between our brain and the culture that we live in.

For example the dramatic increase in the average IQ (Intelligent Quotient) has climbed 24 points since 1918. Is this increase due to better education? Healthier diet? Some experts are saying, we are already living in what is called the “Neurosociety ( Richard Restak) or “Neurocentric Age” (Carl Zimmer). Ray Kurzweil, thinks we are entering into an “Era of Singularity” when non-biological tools of our intelligence such as computers and prosthetic devices will dominate. Kurzweil thinks that by 2040s these tools and devices will be billions of times more capable than our biological intelligence. Chemical enhancers are being used by some people to enhance their intelligence.
Provigil (modafinial) is now used by business people, entertainers, military personnel, and others to remain fully awake for long periods, sometimes even days at a time.

Taking the path less traveled by exploring your spirituality can lead to a happier life purpose, better personal relationships and enhanced stress management skills